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Modern Architecture


Customers in Europe and Scandinavia area are in need of beautiful office buildings, warehouses, private houses, etc. The area is expanding rapidly and they need a company that can provide high-quality work and materials to build the spaces that were needed.


The Scandinavian area is booming at this moment, business has grown in the area for the last few years and is expected to continue for at least the next ten years. This makes for a very attractive market for Mont Element Construction. We will be concentrating on the customers that will provide us with a stable margin, in other words, those clients desiring element building construction. This is the fastest-growing segment of commercial clients requiring our services. The other categories that we will serve include the villas and furniture segment, the special facilities segment, and all other potential commercial and private clients.


In the construction industry, the primary ways to compete are through low-cost or better project management. One of the most important processes for winning a contract is the bid process. Mont Element has a unique competitive edge over most of its competitors. We own many Factory sales platforms. We own one of the East-Europe major construction material suppliers. Through this relationship, Mont Element has been able to gain a very advantageous supplier contract allowing Mont Element to obtain its materials at a significant discount. With this edge, the company can advantage of its rivals and achieve a low-cost leadership role.


This is a technology that is rapidly replacing blueprints in building construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation of images that contain intelligent, detailed, and interactive 3D models of buildings. Tremendous information management is performed so as to bring BIM models to life. This is a major change in the construction industry. By using these building models, all the information about a particular building project can be brought into one collective spot. Through the activity of modeling a structure, clients and contractors can look at it through every stage of construction. This provides a forum for the discussion of changes and procedures from both parties. BIM allows all stakeholders to arrive at a common goal in building construction.

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